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Accessing your Rewards!
- Head to the bottom left-hand corner of our site and there will be a Rewards button to click on
Accessing the Rewards Program
Rewards Menu
- You can check out how to earn points, redeem points and refer friends 
Rewards Menu
Rewards FAQ
How do I redeem points?
Once you click the Rewards menu at the bottom of our site, there will be a button labelled "Redeem Points." You will see rewards that are eligible to be redeemed! Once you hit redeem, a code will appear and you can enter that into the discount code section at checkout. 
How do I check how many points I have?
You can see how many points you have at the top right of the Rewards menu.
How do I get my Free Surprise Gift?
Once you redeem your surprise gift and get your code, you will need to manually add our Be Kind Accessory Surprise Gift into your cart. Then when you go to checkout, you will enter the code into the discount code box and the system will switch the product to be free. 
Do my points expire?
You have plenty of time to use your points! They expire after 2 years. 
I have older orders that have not been calculated into my points. Can you adjust my points?
Our Rewards Program was created in August 2020. Any orders placed before that month will not be rewarded points.